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Get the facts on saving those seeds you're planting!

These seeds are some of the easiest varieties to save. They include plants such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, beans and peas. They are not likely to cross-pollinate and they produce seeds in one growing season.

The seeds classified as intermediate are a bit more of a challenge to save because these varieties have the likelihood of cross-pollination. To preserve the genetic line of these plants, choose only one variety in each category for your garden (example, grow only one kind of squash).

These seeds are some of the most difficult to obtain viable seeds from, mostly due to our limited outdoor growing season. These varieties are mostly bi-annual meaning that they take two growing seasons to produce seeds and they have a high liklihood of cross-pollination. Considering our cold climate, overwintering vegetable crops is difficult and can often require season-extending materials such as a hoop or greenhouses. Please feel free to check these seeds out but there is no obligation to return them.