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To check if a room is available, click here. To reserve a room, or if you have any questions, call (970) 927-4311 x1005.
See the policies for the meeting spaces below.

Community and Conference Rooms

     Library-related events will have first priority for the use of the Library's meeting spaces. Otherwise, Library meeting spaces may be scheduled on a first come, first served basis to civic, non-profit, and business organizations. Groups may use the meeting spaces at a cost of $25 per hour per room. It is the intent of this policy to limit the use of the meeting spaces to community or business-related meetings during regular library hours. Social events not sponsored in whole or in part by the District are not permitted. Organizations hosting events sponsored or co-sponsored by the District will not be charged for use. Any group seeking to use the meeting spaces (hereinafter "Lessee") will be required to sign a rental agreement and present a $100 security deposit on the day of the meeting for each and every meeting room reservation in addition to a separate check for the meeting room fee.

     Lessee will be fiscally responsible for any and all damages to the facility and/or equipment. Lessee will provide a $100.00 security deposit that will be refunded if the meeting spaces are returned in a clean condition, free of any damage. Library staff will open and inspect the meeting spaces before the commencement of the reserved time and again at the end of the reserved period of use. In the event the meeting spaces are not returned to the District in good condition the District may apply the security deposit toward the cost of any and all repairs or cleaning. Lessee remains responsible for any damage or cleaning fees in excess of the security deposit.

     Lessee must assume full responsibility for any loss or injuries that occur during the reserved times. The District provides no liability or other insurance to cover medical expenses, dental expenses, hospitalization and/or disability for any individuals attending a scheduled event. The District assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to equipment or items brought into the Library or any liability that might arise through the use of the meeting spaces.

     Lessee agrees not to place holes in the walls of the meeting spaces with tacks or staples. Additionally, only approved low tack tape may be used in the meeting spaces.

     Audio-visual equipment is available for use. Lessee shall indicate on the meeting spaces rental agreement any equipment needed during the period of reserved use. The individual signing the rental agreement will be required to receive training from a qualified staff member on the approved uses of the District's equipment including but not limited to the Nomad, Smartboard, projectors, etc. Lessee will be responsible for any and all damage to Library equipment, furniture, and/or the physical condition of the meeting spaces.

     All groups using the Library meeting spaces must adhere to any and all applicable established policies of the District and any and all other applicable laws and regulations.

     Staff members may enter meeting spaces or study rooms at any time to ensure compliance with all Library policies.

     A responsible adult supervisor must be in attendance during all times that minors are present in the meeting spaces during the period of reserved use.

     Smoking and firearms are not allowed in the meeting spaces or otherwise inside the Library premises. Alcohol may be permitted in the meeting spaces with prior consent from the Library's Executive Director after demonstrated compliance with the requirements of any and all applicable state and local licensing authorities. Organizations wishing to provide alcohol must sign a waiver releasing the District of any and all liability resulting from the distribution or consumption of alcohol.

     Lessee will adhere to the Community Room occupancy limitation of 84 people and the Conference Room occupancy limitation of 15 people.

Study Rooms


In order to be fair to all patrons, library staff are not able to make individual study room reservations for patrons.

     The Library has four complimentary self-serve Study Rooms. Rooms 113 and 115 may be reserved by patrons up to two weeks in advance. Patrons are responsible for managing their own reservations through the posted sign-up sheets. Rooms 114 and 116 are only available on a first-come first-served basis.